The Pros & Cons of Getting Older

Graphic Design

It’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years (and all that jazz).

Not too long ago, I was way too eager to add a year or two when someone said “How old are you?”. I’ve always been a little big for my britches, so I wanted some extra street cred. Unfortunately for me, I very recently realized that I’m a bit too close to hitting the age where you may in fact want to start subtracting…

While age IS just a number, it’s nice to know that while I continue to accumulate wrinkles and white hairs, I’m gaining hard-earned wisdom.

Many of these birthday-related revelations were inspired by a quick project for my favorite San Antonio boutique, Aquarius.

Visit, sign up for their email list, list your birthday (year not required), and know that when you gain that next year of wisdom, one of these bad boys will arrive in your mailbox to prove (yet again) that the best gifts might just be the ones you buy for yourself…

Taking the sting out of getting older.

Taking the sting out of getting older.


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