The Age of Aquarius

Graphic Design

In the fall of 2010, on a tip from a friend, I wandered in to Aquarius and fell in love. My wardrobe and I have continued to improve vastly ever since.

5 years later, it’s time to celebrate another anniversary. I have tremendous admiration and respect for owner, buyer, and all around heart and soul of the store, Sara Ash Jessop. She’s done wonders for San Antonio (and for me) and continues to carefully curate one of the most beautiful spaces in South Texas.

I started as a shop girl a few weeks after the store opened. This was the first of several chances Sara has taken on me through the years. These days, it’s always an exciting creative challenge when Sara asks for my help. Typically, it’s a trunk show graphic, maybe an email, or a mailer but the annual anniversary party invitations are always special.

The art deco-inspired fifth year anniversary invitation was no different.

Aquarius is 5!

Aquarius is 5!

As the store celebrates it’s fifth birthday, I look back and I feel lucky to have been chosen to change and grow along with it – to see and learn so closely from someone who’s passion and vision became so beautifully tangible (to the benefit of many).

Cheers to Sara – to her hard work, her foresight, and her ever-impeccable sense of all things stylish.


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